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  2014 MTV Video Music Awards Japan Nominees

  Best Male Video

  Exile Atsushi — “Blue Dragon”

  Justin Timberlake — “Take Back the Night”

  Miyavi — “Horizon”

  Naoto Inti Raymi — “Koi Suru Kisetsu”

  Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams — “Blurred Lines”

  Best Female Video

  Namie Amuro — “Ballerina”

  Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z — “Drunk in Love”

  Katy Perry — “Roar”

  Miley Cyrus — “We Can’t Stop”

  Sheena Ringo — “Les Couleurs Chantent”

  Best Group Video

  Ikimonogakari — “Egao”

  Momoiro Clover Z — “Gounn”

  One Direction — “Story of My Life”

  J Soul Brothers III — “So Right”

  Thirty Seconds to Mars — “Up in the Air”

  Best New Artist Video

  Ariana Grande — “Baby I”

  Kana-Boon — “Jyoushahissuinokotowari, Okotowari”

  Rina Katahira — “Onnanoko ha nakanai”

  Lorde — “Royals”

  The Strypes — “Mystery Man”

  Video of the Year

  Namie Amuro — “Ballerina”

  Exile — “Exile Pride ~Konnasekaiwoaisurutame~”

  Katy Perry — “Roar”

  Lady Gaga — “Applause”

  Mr. Children — “REM”

  Best Rock Video

  Arctic Monkeys — “One for the Road”

  One Ok Rock — “Be the Light”

  Radwimps — “Last Virgin”

  Sakanaction — “Goodbye”

  Vampire Weekend — “Diane Young”

  Best Pop Video

  Generations — “Hot Shot”

  Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX — “I Love It”

  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu — “Mottai Night Land”

  Lady Gaga — “Applause”

  Kana Nishino — “Believe”

  Best R&B Video

  Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z — “Drunk in Love”

  Miliyah Kato — “Lonely Hearts”

  Daichi Miura — “I’m On Fire”

  Pharrell Williams — “Happy”

  The Weeknd — “Belong to the World”

  Best Hip-Hop Video

  Eminem — “Berzerk”

  Jay-Z featuring Justin Timberlake — “Holy Grail”

  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis — “Same Love”

  Rip Slyme — “Sly”

  Sky-Hi — “Ai Bloom”

  Best Reggae Video

  Fire Ball — “Everything’s So Nice”

  Lecca featuring Rhymester — “Sky is the Limit”

  Sean Paul — “Turn it Up”

  Snoop Lion featuring Miley Cyrus — “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks”

  Wakadanna — “Life is Mountain”